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Use my FAST and ACCURATE service for vehicles listed for sale in South-Western USA!


Welcome to my site - (And like me on facebook)!

Hi! My name is Maurice Mentens, I live in the greater Los Angeles area and have been involved with exotic and special cars my whole life. I have decided to set up this web site because of the growing National and International demand for my Inspection / Appraisal and Escrow Service. I provide very comprehensive written and photographic reports of my PPI inspections for all kinds of vehicles, either in free trade or on auction - including but not limited to Classic Cars, Muscle cars, Exotics, Antiques and Special Interest vehicles. Because of the Internet's anonymity the demand for fast and ACCURATE PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTIONS of vehicles has risen dramatically. No wonder, prices for Classic cars have risen exponentially and an equal increase in fraud was just a matter of time. PLEASE check out my "Testimonials" page so you can read real life press from clients who reviewed my services. Right; I'm not the cheapest but I've never seen any comparable reports from anyone - no matter how large the company is. Actually, the larger the company the more generic their reports are....

I work alone and try to take my "second opinion" inspector (Ricky, my Chihuahua / Jack Russel mix) to every inspection as clients already expect from me, lol!

Inspection on a Maserati Ghibli

Seriously; My reports are personalized; very technical, detailed and have no competition in this market - making sure you'll make the right decision and to purchase at the right price. Then, if the deal is cl?sed, do you trust the seller enough to wire him the money??? I've seen cars shipped with different motors, "twin" cars and even with different VIN's! To take out all the guess work I offer my unique ESCROW service when the transaction goes through my bank and *I* will pick up the car, make sure it's in the same condition as I inspected it and make sure I end up with a signed off Title and bill of sale and it will be stored in my facility until it is shipped to the buyer. No risk anymore, a sure fire way to close any deal!

I also provide APPRAISALS for domestic Insurance applications. For most insurance policies an Actual Cash Value appraisal is required every couple of years. My Reports can also be used for estate planning or settlement, theft, accidents, charitable donations, divorce settlements and taxation purposes. I will make sure to state the fair, exact replacement value of your vehicle based on the quality of the car and parts/services used.

Inspection on a Ferrari Dino

Unfortunately some cases end up in Court where technical aspects of Vehicles are under scrutiny and I would be available to provide this service in US Courts. I have worked for and with European Customs to apply forensic methods to determine the origin of certain questionable VIN's in vehicles to be registered. I have pretty much seen it all so little throws me off anymore.

Inspection on a Ferrari Daytona

I get my main business from pre-purchase inspections (PPI) for buyers who may be considering a vehicle and are uncertain of the condition, originality or true value. This can be either a buyer who is NOT knowledgable enough or lives too far away from California to check the vehicle himself.

Is the vehicle a bondo bomber?

Does the VIN belong to this car?

Did the car have any significant accidents in the past and if so, how well was it fixed?

Is the car REALLY a numbers matching car?

Does the car represents the price the seller is asking?

Just send me out with a few days advance notice; I'm very easy to work with and I'll work with you to set up an appointment that suits both you and the seller. I strongly suggest this service, just look at my testimonials page! You would NOT be the first one who got taken in a long distance deal and the fun of owning a classic car goes down the drain! Especially with cars like these:

Inspection on 1973 Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe

All Appraisals require a PHYSICAL INSPECTION of the actual vehicle. Anyone can give you a general (Blue Book) value by phone or e-mail, I'm sure you agree this is not an appraisal in my book!!!

Maurice H. Mentens.

Check out my Thumtack profile about my Pre-Purchase Inspections & Appraisals

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